I suggest an increase to 42v for the stock motor. Seven 6v batteries make 42v. Ezgo PDS is the perfect 42v cart. The 7th battery fits neatly under the drivers seat. 42v induces the motor to produce 17.5% more speed and torque. Average PDS cart with Alltrax control and 4g cable set will reach 28 mph on stock tires with 42v.
This will change the 60 cycle frequency that the motor runs on and make the motor a variable speed motor without changing the voltage or the amperage. There are plenty of VFDs available which convert 120V 1 phase to 220V 3 phase. The down side of this is that when you slow it down with a VFD, the motor loses torque at the same time.
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How many guys just change the module only, rather than the whole motor on X13? I've found that 99 percent of the time it's the module. Saves ALOT of time.

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  • Really it depends on several factors. Diameter, length, angle, and material all affect power requirements. Bigger is better. Also some electric motors are rated differently than others. The 7HP 220V motor on my compressor is less than half the physical size of my 5HP three phase unloader motor. My 8" unloader has a 5hp motor and works fine.
  • We recommend 4-blade propellers for bass boats and those with high performance hulls running high horsepower outboard engines. Compared to 3 blades, 4-blade boat props provide better "hole shot" performance with less steering torque and less vibration at high speeds. When switching from 3 to 4-blades, generally a 1" pitch decrease is required.

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The reason it causes problems is that the solenoid current has to flow through the motor as well, and the brushes (B) and commutator get dirty and worn, so not enough current can flow to start the solenoid moving. This seems to be aggravated by getting hot during a long run, which could be lack of lubrication on the drive pinion.

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  • Jun 22, 2013 · Got it running tonight. took it to a guy's house who is a great mechanic and we got the fuel filter off, no water in the gas. We started it up and began spraying ether in it to keep it running. sprayed for about 2 minutes and it finally started running smooth on it's own. jammed the throttle and it ran great.
  • Jul 06, 2014 · This worked for a bit, but now the speed is audibly off and the playback is running slow. I took it apart to see where the noise is coming from, and it appears to the the motor relay switch, which is sparking whenever the button is pressed. From searching forums, I thought that maybe I just need to strip and clean the motor.

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One of the slowest results but still impressive. Jim Mero is quoted as running a 2015 C7 Z06 at the ring in 7:10 the list should reflect that. The news is that the AMG One will be testing at the Nurb soon and that they may be after the Porsche 956 record of 6:11.13 Back in 2018 " AMG boss Tobias Moers...

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Why your EZGO Golf Cart Runs Slow A EZGO RXV and TXT golf cart can run slow because of a faulty speed sensor, low battery charge and insufficient levels of water in the battery. A problem with the speed sensor. A faulty speed magnet. Accumulation of stones, mud, pebbles or other caked-on particles under […]

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Jan 12, 2017 · Club Car running slow I have a 2004 48V DS electric Club Car (at least I think that is the year and model based on the serial number starting in AQ0422) with 6 Duracell GC8 48v batteries. A couple of months ago the golf cart started to run weak, wouldn't get to top speed and can barely make it up small hills.

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Sep 13, 2016 · Needing to slow down a sewing machine for better control I built a little jig. The jig limits the travel of the foot peddle to a point where I need to turn the hand-wheel to get it started. From there it does not sound like the motor is straining and it produces solid stitches.

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Jan 04, 2017 · Kapasitor Running. Sedangkan fungsi kapasitor running yaitu supaya perputaran motor listrik bisa menjadi lebih halus dan rata. Umumnya nilai kapasitansi lebih kecil dari kapasitor start, tanpa adanya kapasitor running bisa menyebabkan motor menjadi lebih berisik, meningkatnya konsumsi arus listrik dan meningkatnya suhu motor sehingga menjadi overheat, penggunaan kapasitor seperti ini misalnya ...

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A tell-tale sign that your sewing machine cord has come loose is that your light will flicker or not turn on. If your sewing machine is running slowly, check your cord. There are two connection points to check — at your outlet and at your machine. Make sure that neither connection has come loose.

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