A disk and a hollow spherical shell, like a basketball, are released at the same time at the top of an inclined plane. The spherical shell has a mass M and a radius R; the disk has a mass 2M and a radius 2R. If the two objects are released at rest, and the height of the ramp is h = 0.77 m, find the speed of the disk and the spherical shell when they reach the bottom of the ramp.
A box slides from rest down a frictionless ramp inclined at 38.0° with respect to the horizontal and is stopped at the bottom of the ramp by a spring with a spring constant of k = 2.00 x 104 N/m. If the box has a mass of 12.0 kg and slides 3.00 m from the point of release to the point where it comes to rest against the spring, determine the ...
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A block of mass 3 kg slides down a frictionless inclined plane of length 6 m and height 4 m. If the block is released from rest at the top of the incline, what is its speed at the bottom? A block slides down a frictionless plane having an inclination of 15.0 degrees. The block starts from rest at the top, and the length of the incline is 2.00 m.

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  • $\begingroup$ I'm having trouble finding ways to answer: 1)If the two blocks remain at rest when released, what is the incline angle? If the mass of Block B is increased, does Block A slide up the incline, down the incline, or remain at rest? What if the mass of Block A is increased instead?
  • You push a ball to start it rolling along a “perfectly frictionless” surface. a) How far will the ball roll? ») Explain your answer for a) using Newton's first law of motion, 2.A ball is released from a vertical height of 20 cm. It rolls down a “perfectly frictionless” ramp and up a similar ramp.

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After you solve for the force along the ramp, you can get the acceleration (a = F/m) along the ramp. Your block of ice is going to accelerate down the ramp. Sample question. Suppose you have a block of ice on a ramp at 40 degrees, and it slides down. What is its acceleration? The correct answer is 6.3 m/s 2.

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  • a horizontal frictionless surface. The mass is pulled so that the spring stretches to a total length of 10.0 cm; then the mass is released and it oscillates back and forth(the flgure below). Whatis themaximum speedofthemass as itoscillates? This problem has two parts, one where the spring is hanging from the ceiling and another
  • 148.Two ants are using some spider webs to hoist a dead grasshopper into a tree for safe keeping. The grasshopper has a mass of 6 g. One ant stands on a branch on the left and pulls with a force of 0.15 N and the other stands at on a branch to the right and pulls with a force of 0.19 N.

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You take two marbles of different masses and roll them down the hill with the same force. Which marble will travel the farther distance? Ignore air resistance, AND assume that friction acts on them the same way (i.e., μ is adjusted so that F_f, the force of friction, is the same).

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Solve: Note that the problem “ends” at a turning point, where the car has an instantaneous speed of 0 m/s before rolling back down. The rolling back motion is not part of this problem. If we assume the car rolls without friction, then we have motion on a frictionless inclined plane with an acceleration Constant-acceleration kinematics gives ...

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(b) Redraw it showing components; use x-axes parallel to the two ramps. [reveal-answer q=”499156″]Show Solution[/reveal-answer] [hidden-answer a=”499156″]Figure a shows a free body diagram of an object on a line that slopes down to the right.

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A ball and a block have equal mass. The ball rolls down a ramp and the block slides down a frictionless ramp. The ramps are the same length and at the same angle to the horizontal. The ball and block are both released from rest at the same height. Compare their mechanical energy at the bottom of the ramps.

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Example 5.4. Acarofweightw rests on a slanted ramp attached to a trailer. (See figure below. Angle α is given. ) Only a cable running from the trailer to the car prevents the car from rolling offthe ramp. (The car brakes are offand its transmission is neutral.) Find the tension in the car and the force that the ramp exerts on the car’s tires.

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Aug 01, 2017 · "distance" = 2.40 "m" We're asked to find the distance traveled by the box given its initial speed, coefficient of kinetic friction, and angle of inclination. NOTE: the friction force actually acts down the incline as opposed to the image (because the box is traveling up the ramp). The magnitude of the kinetic friction force f_k is given by f_k = mu_kn where mu_k is the coefficient of kinetic ...

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