Mark Peyron from Western Washington University talks about his JCATI funded project developing new composite resins for aircraft interiors.
In aerospace, thermoplastic composites first took their lead being used on commercial aircraft for leading edges, interior components, engine pylons, access doors, aircraft flooring and a variety of molded parts. The initial drivers for usage were their impact resistance (durability) and for interior components their inherent flame resistance.
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The primary functions of the resin are to transfer stress between the reinforcing fibers, act as a glue to hold the fibers together, and protect the fibers from mechanical and environmental damage. Resins used in reinforced polymer composites are either thermoplastic or thermoset. There are two major groups of resins that make up what we call polymer materials—thermosets and thermoplastics.

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  • Reduced part costs: tooling cost for specific tools is approximately 40% of the cost in comparison with thermosets. Reduced total cost of structures by 25% in comparison with thermoset structures. Reduced design-to-manufacturing cycle time by 50%. Serial production cost is projected to be 25% of the production cost of thermoset materials.
  • Potting – The sealing of a cable termination or other component with a liquid which thermosets into an elastomer. Power Factor – The ratio of resistance to impedance. The ratio of an actual power of an alternating current to apparent power. Mathematically, the cosine of the angle between the voltage applied and the current resulting.

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Thermosets Resins or plastic compounds, which in their final state are infusible and insoluble. After being fully cured, thermosets cannot be resoftened by heat. Tie Bars Bars which provide structural rigidity to the clamping mechanism often used to guide platen movement. Tolerance

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  • Thermoset vs thermoplastic composites. Thermoplastics, in basic terms, are melt-processable plastics (materials that are processed with heat). When enough heat is added to bring the temperature of the...
  • aerospace engineering In materials science: Polymer-matrix composites Thermosets are solidified by irreversible chemical reactions, in which the molecules in the polymer “cross-link,” or form connected chains. The most common thermosetting matrix materials for high-performance composites used in the aerospace industry are the epoxies.

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Read about how the VICTREX™ PEEK Aerospace polymers used in Aerospace applications can improve aircraft efficiency, improve reliability and eco efficiency. For better functionality and user experience, uses cookies which can be disabled at any point by adjusting your browsers settings.

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Monogram Aerospace Fasteners has established itself as the premier leader of blind bolt No industry demands more precision, quality and innovation than aerospace, and that's exactly what we have...

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Thermosetting polymer. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. Thermoset plastic polymers characterised by rigid, three-dimensional structures and high molecular weight, stay out of shape...

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A close-up of a thermoset slit tape spool showing the slit tape mated to the liner and transverse wound across a core. The edges of this spool are tapered to match the specifications of specific AFP...

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A Master in Aerospace Engineering is a degree that includes subjects such as aeroacoustics, aerodynamics It prepares students for work in the aerospace industry or related research fields.

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Kellstrom Aerospace is uniquely capable of supporting aircraft owners, operators, and MROs with cost saving solutions or value added services at each phase of the aircraft's life cycle.

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