For that matter, the process of writing is epistemological-a way of coming to know. Writing can become a medium for self-reflection, self-expression, and communication, a means of coming to know for both the writer and reader. Learning to write requires writing. Writing is a craft, and as a craft, writing can be learned and refined.
class or negatively because of a disappointing incident in class - an open reflection is an appropriate approach. Just writing about one’s feelings can be therapeutic and at the same time informative when read later. A guided reflection helps draw our attention to something so that we can learn it or learn to become more aware of it.
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Reflection - reflective thinking and writing - is an important part of university life and work. As Plato said, 'The life without examination is no life.' The ability to reflect on your experience and knowledge, and use that to make improvements, is a key part of your university-level thinking and your subsequent working life.

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  • In Chapter 10 of Class 10 Science, students will get well versed with light phenomena such as refraction and reflection. One will learn about spherical mirrors, image formation and to draw ray diagrams.
  • Pair-share is a classic learning strategy where students are paired, and then verbally 3. Highlighted Journal - Before students submit the reflective journal, they reread personal entries and, using a highlighter, mark sections of the journal that directly relate to concepts discussed in the text or in class.

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Reflections on What I Learned3 Pages777 Words. I have learned several things throughout this course – things that will help me in the future, as I make my way through university, and that will help me grow as a person, as well. First, I learned how to write MLA style papers with citations and references, and this has helped me learn how to cite quotations properly and how to use quotations in the text of my writing.

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  • Be sure to move around your class often and take time to interact with each student. Happy Students = Effective Classroom Classroom management is essential, not only for a teacher’s piece of mind and in allowing them proper control over their classroom, but it is imperative for a positive and flourishing learning environment for students.
  • I've been meaning to post about leadership for a while now, thanks for asking the question and giving me this opportunity. Here are some lessons that I have learned along the way from a variety of role models.

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One of the most useful things you can do before you begin thinking about specific activities for a particular class is to reflect on who your students are and what they can reasonably be expected to know and do.

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The RIP Seminar was a reflection of everything my classmates and I have learned. Most of the information we absorbed was from texts, via movies, television, short stories, and scholarly articles. After reading The Sign of the Four by Sir Author Conan Doyle, I read the six scholarly texts in order to write the Literary Review Essay.

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The angle between the reflected ray and the normal is known as the angle of reflection. (These two angles are labeled with the Greek letter "theta" Reflection and the Locating of Images. It is common to observe this law at work in a Physics lab such as the one described in the previous part of Lesson 1...

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Personally this Statistics class has taught me things I have never thought of. For instance, the first lesson taught me that statistics is composed of collecting, organizing, summarizing, analyzing, and interpreting data of a population. Another thing I’ve learned in chapter 2 is that graph...

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Being in this class with Mrs. McGriff has yielded me a good learning environment. She truly has presented me with the tools to be the best I can be and further my education by providing me with the writing skills I now have. In conclusion, I am glad I came back to school this semester and took this class.

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This class is the design and creation of courses for the the virtual high school. I began working with the statistics course and learned very quickly how important a content expert is to the design and creation of any project. Knowing basic creation techniques was not enough to create an active interesting course students would want to take.

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