Hi. Wir haben einen Satz neuer SAS-Platten bekommen – nun ist endlich die Zeit gekommen, einen ZFS-Pool zu bauen, um “das letzte Dateisystem” auszuprobieren…. Ich frage mich, ob für die 4 Platten und 1 Cache-SSD ein RAID-Z2 (entspricht in etwa RAID6) oder ein Striped Mirrored Vdev (entspricht in etwa RAID10) die bessere Wahl ist.
Jun 13, 2019 · ZFS Storage Server: Setup ZFS in Proxmox from Command Line with L2ARC and LOG on SSD. In this video I will teach you how you can setup ZFS in Proxmox. I create a 6x8TB RaidZ2 and add SSD cache. I partition an SSD in Proxmox. So I can have L2ARC and ZIL / SLOG on the same SSD. ZFS Bootcamp by Linda Kateley
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Änderungsstand: 2020-10-02 Vorwort: Macht es Sinn? Ja und Nein. Über den Sinn oder Unsinn eines ZFS-Pools in Unraid kann man sich streiten. Klar profitiert man von den Vorzügen eines ZFS-Dateisystems.

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  • My current system runs on Ubuntu server (not using ZFS), and I also have a FreeNAS... In my Ubuntu system, I run the VMs off of a single SSD that's backed up periodically to my FreeNAS network storage. Proxmox VM running on Intel NUC 8GB RAM VMXNET NIC All virtual disks, no controller...
  • Si on dispose d'un petit disque, 128 Go par exemple, pour le cache… La mise du ssd en cache se fera plus tard, lors des ajustements après l'installation. Pour ce disque, il faudra indiquer "do not use" en choisissant les options de configuration des disques.

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如何使用 zfs pool 跟 ceph osd 在同一個 3.5 hdd (not ceph on zfs) 在 VM 裡的 Windows 安裝 QEMU Agent 正確流程 by Jason Juang Proxmox VE 繁體中文更新檔 (5.3起已內建) by Jason Cheng

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  • Doing so will mean new files will be written to the SSD first, then the spinning disk later, and that recently used files will be accessed via the SSD drive instead of the slower spinning disks. Depending on your workload, this should make most disk operations faster. In my case, the SSD is /dev/sdc.
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For HDD, only local-zfs (ZFS) is available. ZFS is configured as Raid1: rpool. Code: Select all. I tried to create RAW images in different ways and put rpool folders in different places. Tell me, how can I install a CHR image on Proxmox 5.3 for ZFS Raid1?

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I kept the 2U rack case and drives and just replaced the motherboard. I used 8 SATA ports for my 3Tb drives, 1 for an SSD Read cache, 2 for a SSD write cache and 1 for a boot drive. Installed FreeNAS and let it set up the ZFS system, I wanted performance and reliability so ended up with ZRAID-2.

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Talking about ZFS and ARC CACHE Generally ZFS is designed for servers and as such its default settings are to allocate: – 75% of memory on systems with less than 4 GB of memory – physmem minus 1 GB on systems with greater than 4 GB of memory (Info is from Oracle but I expect the same values for ZFS native on Linux) That might be too much if you intent to run anything else like ...

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Plus designated memory for guests. For Ceph or ZFS additional memory is required, approximately 1 GB memory for every TB used storage. Fast and redundant storage, best results with SSD disks. OS storage: Hardware RAID with batteries protected write cache (“BBU”) or non-RAID with ZFS and SSD cache.

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The Proxmox install kinda really wants legacy boot. And if you want to boot ZFS on modern hardware (NVMe), they aren't enumerated in legacy bios. So the process used was: 1) On another machine with legacy boot and NVMe, install with ZFS onto a USB stick in legacy mode. 2) zpool attach the NVMe drive 3) format a uEFI partition on NVMe

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ZFS is probably the most advanced storage type regarding snapshot and cloning. The backend uses ZFS datasets for both VM images (format raw ) and container data (format subvol ). ZFS properties are inherited from the parent dataset, so you can simply set defaults on the parent dataset.

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