I have the Motorola Triumph and my phone will also only ring once, and then go silent. The vibrate function will keep going, but the ringer will not. The only remotely pertinent special apps I have are the "touchpal dialer" and "launcher pro," but i'm using the "standard" droid ringtone.
The simultaneously ring option is handy for people on the go. When you get a call it rings on two phone numbers at the same time. You can set your incoming calls to simultaneously ring your mobile device and another number or contact in case you’re busy or momentarily unavailable. Forward call to voice mail or another number
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I'm trying to call my home phone, but it rings once then goes to a busy dial tone. - 812422

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  • Phone line not working but broadband and TV are fine. No change to phone line connections from when it was working yesterday. Trying to not run up a huge phone bill on my mobile to contact Sky to report the fault. Anyway to get in touch with Sky to check the connection without phoning them? ...
  • 1. Incoming calls to our firm are taken by the switchboard operator , who will put you through to the extension your require. 2. I'm sorry to trouble you , I think I must have got the wrong number . 3. I'm sorry , I can't hear you very well , this is a bad line .

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If you don't have a dial tone on any of your phones, your first step is to check for outages using our Service Troubleshooter. Tips for using the Service Troubleshooter You need your account number (can be 9, 11 or 13 digits, depending on your area) or your billing phone number, plus your service zip code.

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  • A key in the forward position (front key) connects the operator to the cord pair, and a key in the back position sends a ring signal out on the cord (on older manual exchanges). Each cord has a three-wire TRS phone connector: tip and ring for testing, ringing and voice; and a sleeve wire for busy signals.
  • Oct 21, 2020 · When you call the number(I tried at least 8 times), 7 times it rings then goes to a fast busy, 8th time it ringed and went to voicemail with someone else's voice greeting. This number was obviously assigned to someone before myself, so I need to change the voice greeting and make the call forwarding work.

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rings), then the short cuases the TelCo to think there is someone. They couldnt signal it because jack was busy on their failed attempt at hunting and let the signal fire go out. A cell phone does not have a busy signal. If the person is on the phone, the call would go to voicemail, or it would go to...

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The modern mobile phone is a more complex version of the two-way radio. In every pub and restaurant you could hear the bleep and buzz of mobiles ringing and registering messages, occasionally breaking out into It's the perfect communication method for the busy modern lifestyle.

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Busy --- --- ---Low-pitched, rapid tone (repeated 60 times per minute), signifying the number dialed is in use. Call Waiting Ringback ---_ A ringback tone with lower-pitched signal at the end; indicates the extension called is busy and the called party has been given a call waiting tone.

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In this voicemail/rollover era where few calls actually go to busy signals anymore, the average user might never be aware this is happening. It sounds like you are actually calling numbers which are busy, so hearing the "comfort ring" is just confusing. What's probably happening here is that the numbers you're calling really are busy.

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A reliable phone service is important in today's digital age. People need strong connections for both personal and professional reasons. Understanding all of the home phone service options in Elmore, AL helps consumers make the right decision for them. When comparing different plans and providers, customers need to think about their priorities and consider price, service speed and reliability ...

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Open the phone dialer and launch the numeric keypad and key in *#* #8647 #*#* . That number will disappear, the Republic arc at the upper left will disappear and come back. Let that process complete so the arc is solid white again. Using the phone dialer again, key in # #72786 # and confirm that. The phone will reboot one or more times.

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