Clojure is intentionally hosted, in that it compiles to and runs on the runtime of another language, such as the JVM. This is more than an implementation strategy; numerous features ensure that programs written in Clojure can leverage and interoperate with the libraries of the host language directly and efficiently.
Jul 29, 2009 · Some are newly created and some are based on existing, more mature languages. JRuby, Jython are two JVM languages based on CRuby and CPython. Groovy, Scala, Clojure are three completely new JVM languages that were created to add new language features that weren't supported by the core Java language. Some must or can be compiled.
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  • Clojure-plus adds some extensions to Proto REPL - it adds lighttable-like watch expressions (with some limitations), beautiful stacktraces, goto-symbol in stacktraces, notifications on refresh (and syntax checking on it), and the possibility to control when, and how, to refresh. It'll add coloring to the current S-Expression we're editing.
  • Well, as it currently stands, the Clojure startup times are even worse on the CLR. The same hello world example as above clocks in a 1.8s! (using the debug Clojure/CLR assembly) - the difference between ClojureCLR and C# is an order of magnitude worse than Clojure and Java, some work left to be done in the ClojureCLR project…

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Apr 04, 2020 · This guide is aimed to the developer who’s interested in Clojure and want to install it and start using it right away. It will cover the installation of Clojure, some of the build tools and how they work, the configuration of an editor, of the REPL and a small hello world demonstrating how things like build, and test works.

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  • Fortunately, Matt Farrell has written scad-clj, an OpenSCAD DSL in Clojure. It addresses every issue I had with OpenSCAD and lends itself to a really nice workflow with the Clojure REPL. To get started using it, add the dependency on [scad-clj "0.1.0"] to your project.clj and fire up your REPL.
  • Oct 23, 2013 · The goal is to be a library of functions to help parse and analyze log files in Clojure. At work I have to occasionally pull down log files and do some visualization of log files from our Nginx webservers. I decided that this could be a useful project to play with to help me on my journey with Clojure and Open Source Software.

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Apr 05, 2016 · leiningen package manager of clojure, equivalent of npm to node, bundle to ruby, pip to ruby. Plus, you can also using leinigen as scaffolding tool. you can get install instruction from official website。 then, all clojure code can be safely running in repl

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Clojure is a dialect of Lisp supporting1 concurrent software development using functional programming techniques, and like the Lisp described in “Beating the Averages,” provides an environment conducive to agility. Clojure fosters agility in ways that many popular programming languages can’t.

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Clojure/core or Rich Hickey are welcome to contact the email address below to have the domain transferred to their care at any time. It was bought in order to host a work-in-progress community documentation site. The site is currently on hold, but may appear at some time in the future.

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I am the first to admit that using some is non-obvious because it leverages several Clojure features in a surprising way for a newcomer (collections as functions, literal sets, and truthy/falsey values). But! Note that some breaks if you happen to want to know whether a collection contains a falsey value (false or nil). In those cases, you will get back a falsey value regardless.

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Fortunately, Matt Farrell has written scad-clj, an OpenSCAD DSL in Clojure. It addresses every issue I had with OpenSCAD and lends itself to a really nice workflow with the Clojure REPL. To get started using it, add the dependency on [scad-clj "0.1.0"] to your project.clj and fire up your REPL.

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