Oct 09, 2017 · Get the CVA Optima Blackhorn breech plug, switch to 100grn Blackhorn 209, use REAL shotgun primers-not the mz primers- and get some Barnes sabot bullets. My Optima V2 touches holes at 100yds with BH & TEZ saboted bullets.
Triple Seven 45 Caliber 50 Grain Muzzleloading Pellets 50 Count by HODGDON , IMR & WINCHESTERThe 45/50 Pellets are designed for in-line 45 caliber rifles. As with all Triple Seven products, clean-up is quick and easy with plain water. These Pellets may be used in 45 caliber rifles with saboted 40 caliber bullets for game from squirrel to deer. Designed for use with 209 shotshelll primers only.
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Oct 09, 2017 · Get the CVA Optima Blackhorn breech plug, switch to 100grn Blackhorn 209, use REAL shotgun primers-not the mz primers- and get some Barnes sabot bullets. My Optima V2 touches holes at 100yds with BH & TEZ saboted bullets.

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  • The 30-inch barreled muzzleloader had been stuffed with 110-grains (volume measured) of the latest in high performance muzzleloading propellants - Blackhorn 209. The charge had then been topped with an equally modern saboted 300-grain spire-point bullet - the Scorpion PT Gold from Harvester Muzzleloading.
  • Propelled by either 110-grains of Blackhorn 209 or FFFg Triple Seven (or three of the compressed 50-grain Triple Seven Pellets), this .225 b.c. bullet exits the muzzle of a 26 to 28 inch barrel at 2,020 to 2,050 f.p.s. - and at 200 yards, one Knight .50 caliber "Long Range Hunter" I do much of my testing with, will often keep groups at that distance right at 2 to 2 1/4 inches across.

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Explore the Leupold Ballistic FireDot Reticle. Lifetime product guarantee. Join the Leupold family.

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  • Jul 12, 2017 · 100 grains of Blackhorn 209 or (70 grains by weight if you use a scale) Barnes T-EZ 250 grain bullet. I tossed the blue sabot that comes with the barns bullets and replaced them with the new Harvester Crush Rib sabots. Every gun will have its own taste but, this combo out of my new TC Strike is giving me sub 1 inch groups at 75 yards.
  • Jan 15, 2020 · Accuracy wise mine will shoot 300 yards but from 200 to 300 yards there is considerable bullet drop. ... scale for blackhorn 209 and my achery and arrow set ups ...

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Your really want to pick up your bullets speed try "Black Horn 209" powder. This powder is loose grains and is NOT a sugar based powder such as Hodgdons 777 powder and the terrible crud ring. Load 90 grains to 110 grains with a 200 grain bullet in "5 grain increments" and you will find an accuracy load.

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The Droptine family has two 3-9x models, this one with a 40mm objective end, and one with a 50mm. There are two different models in this size: #200017 has the focus set at 100 yards, and is matched for centerfire rifles. #200019 has the focus set at just 50 yards, making it a great choice for.22 LR ammo.

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Get on target faster so you can take the shot of a lifetime. Even at higher powers, the longer eye relief and generous eyebox provides incredible head position latitude, edge-to-edge brightness, and a full clear sight picture that fills the eyepiece completely.

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My load for my 'lightweight muzzleloader' (.45 cal, 20" youth Rossi break-action) is 70 gr loose Blackhorn 209, with 225 gr .45 cal powerbelt, but I want this one to have more Ma Bell possibilities - which it will - Better BC bullet, going significantly faster (4" more of barrel, more powder, larger compression ratio with .50 cal, and 30 gr ...

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Dec 10, 2018 · Shoot Barnes copper. Will not fragment. Will not shatter. Throw them pbelts in the Garbage! Righto on the pellets. I ran out of time last fall, but was wanting to try some Barnes bullets in the guns. I’m going to order three different bullets: one for the 50 cal. long barrels, 1 for the 50 cal. pistol and

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The very first how-to video to feature the new Blackhorn 209 powder! All data& results accomplished with a factory. ... The loads will also show bullet drop out to ...

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