Sep 18, 2020 · – Harsha bala (of Tajaka) – Ability to identify 184 different types of yogas in a rasi chart or a divisional chart Dasas – It is possible to use various kinds of years in dasas – (1) 365.2425-day years, (2) 360-day years, (3) years with use-defined number of years (e.g. 327-day years), (4) solar years with Sun’s angle taken as a measure of time, (5) 360-tithi years with the Sun-Moon ...
Sep 02, 2014 · Venus is called ‘Kavi’ or Poet. Influence over the 2nd house and Moon can give poetical ability. Venus indicates cows. So one may be trading in cows, milk, curd etc. Zenus is the karaka for vehicles. (vahana karaka). It can give employment connected with vehicles, transport, railway, bus, air travel and shipping.
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Atmakaraka Moon Jyestha (2nd House) -emotional courage and...AtLtamakarka =Mercury Mrigashira 24 degrees Taurus + Moon looks @8 th house where Mercury occupies).

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  • Jun 25, 2006 · The Atmakaraka has a very vital role to play in the horoscope of a person. It actually shows the objectives, ideals and goals of the soul for which it has born on earth. No graha in the horoscope can actually give benefic or malefic results beyond what the Atmakaraka could signify.
  • The exaltation of the Moon in the Arudha Lagna as Karaka for the same indicates great fame and popularity. At the outset, the nodes in the Lagna-7th Bhava axis and the Atmakaraka being Rahu in the 7th House, the Arudha Lagna being in the 9th House all point at the possibility of foreign climes playing a great role in life.

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Jun 17, 2016 · Mercury and Venus in Scorpio in your natal chart brings intensity and hidden desires. Learn how to avoid shadow Scorpio in your relationships and career.

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  • If the Moon is placed in Karakamsha lagna aspected by Venus, the native becomes a chemist. Here chemist does not mean that one will sell medicines but one will be engaged in the business/profession related to chemicals and it can be medicines also. 2.
  • Moon as Amatyakara After the successful series on Atmakaraka, I’ve being receiving a lot of requests to make a video series on Amatyakaraka. Though it’s the ...

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Atmakaraka is the most favoured planet in Jaimini system and its extensive use is a unique feature of Jaimini astrology. Swakaraka is the most dependable of all in determining the results of a chart though one should study the chart with reference to other kinds of karakas too.

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Jun 28, 2007 · For example, a planet that is within 15 degrees of a conjunction with the Sun is said to be ‘under the beams’ of the Sun, and it is considered to be debilitated since its light and significations are blocked out or overpowered by the Sun. Additionally, the waxing Moon is thought to be more ‘benefic’ or constructive in a sense, while the ...

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Dec 06, 2018 · The 8 th House is all about change and sexuality, while the Moon is also a great influencer when it comes to change. This means people with Moon in 8 th House can’t find their peace romantically and are always looking for new partners to have fun with in bed.

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Jupiter as a Ruling Planet: Characteristics of Jupiter in Astrology . Jupiter, represented as the king of the gods in Roman myth, is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius.

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Atmakaraka Moon Jyestha (2nd House) -emotional courage and stronger self discipline and spiritual faith void fears>>> aspected by Jupiter 6 degrees Pushya in 10th.

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Jupiter as a Ruling Planet: Characteristics of Jupiter in Astrology . Jupiter, represented as the king of the gods in Roman myth, is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius.

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