Flaps are generally not used on the 737-800 for the purpose of increasing the descent rate during the descent or approach phases of flight. Normal descents are made in the clean configuration to pattern or Initial Approach Point (IAP) altitude.
This video shows the controls column stick shaker on flight simulator for the Boeing 737-800, a predecessor to the 737 Max. ... 6.24 a.m., 52 seconds: The plane's flaps changed position, though ...
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Apr 08, 2019 · The airplane was a four-month-old 737 MAX 8—the latest model in a line of Boeing aircraft that goes back to the 1960s. Takeoff and climb were normal to about 1,600 feet, where the pilots retracted the flaps (wing extensions that increase lift at low speed). At that point the aircraft unexpectedly descended to 900 feet.

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  • Flap Lever: Cut out of 7/16 plywood, small screws holding spring: Opposite side: Small plates hold lever in place; Installing the main gear wheel. I borrow the design for the flap lever from Claus's site. Rounded the shoulders of the lever retainer and added the top hat, made from kitchen cutting board. Notice the long bolt in the flap lever.
  • Jun 26, 2013 · Eg. If you are in say a 737-300 and you notice to System B hydraulic quantity drop to 64%, then from the table above, you may suspect a leak in the balance line or standby reservoir. Note: Refill figure valid only when airplane is on ground with both engines shutdown or after landing with flaps up during taxi-in.

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Aerodynamic and structural design changes – including strengthened wings, a two-position tail-skid, enhancements to the leading and trailing edge flap systems, optional blended winglets, and auxiliary fuel tanks that will allow the 737-800 to accommodate higher takeoff weights and increase its range to 3,058 nautical miles (5,665 km).

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  • To hire Boeing 737-800 for private flights call +44 (0)20 7100 6960 Boeing 737-800. Boeing was sued for $336 million on Wednesday by a Kuwaiti leasing company that accused it of wrongly refusing to return advance payments on a now-canceled order for 40 of its troubled 737 Max planes. 24, 2019. Search aircraft for sale for free!
  • A Transavia Boeing 737-800, performing flight from Malaga (Spain) to Rotterdam (Netherlands), experienced flaps problem. Aircraft was on final approach to Rotterdam’s runway when the crew initiated a go around reporting a flaps problem. The crew subsequently decided to divert to Amsterdam (Netherlands).

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Standby hydraulic pump running on ground while not selected. 737-6/7/8/900 → ← Hydraulic overheat switch wrench size is 1-3/8 inch 737-3/4/500

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The Boeing 737–800 has 8 flap settings: Flaps 1 - 8° Flaps 2 - 11° Flaps 5 - 14° Flaps 10 - 19° Flaps 15 - 22° Flaps 25 - 26° Flaps 30 - 35° Flaps 40 - 46° At any flap setting, your landing speed would be dependent on the weight of the aircraft as well as many other factors. At flaps 40, your landing speed could be anywhere from 125knts to 145knts.

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A perfect weather landing for this AA 738 as it nears Montreal's longest runway at YUL.

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Boeing recommends that the approach speed for 737-800 be 142 knots. This high speed is likely due to the issue with the flaps, which may have prevented the aircraft from reaching the ideal landing speed. The reason behind the incident has to do with an issue with the flaps.

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Jan 23, 2020 · It depends on weight, and landing gear and flaps/slats positioning. Shall I give an estimate? Stalling "clean" (landing gear up, no flaps/slats) is 128 knots (147 mph). Stalling "dirty" (gear down, flaps/slats extended) is 108 knots (124 mph). Final approach touchdown speed is 140 knots (161 mph). Your question doesn't have an exact answer.

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flaps 1 flaps 5 flaps 10 flaps 15 flaps 25 weight v1 vr v2 v1 vrv2v1 vrv2v1 vrv2 v1 vrv2 158.7 150.0 141.0 142 137 133 143 138 134 149 145 141 138 134 129 139 134 130 146 142 138 132 129 124 132 129 125 138 135 132 129 125 121 129 126 122 135 132 129 -- -- 121 -- -- 121-- -- 128 132.3 123.5 114.6 127 122 116 128 123 117 136 132 127 124 118 112 ...

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Indirect labor and indirect materials would be part of factory overhead.

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